Arms laxity

Bat wings”, “Angel wings”, “My Roman shades”…regardless of how you want to refer to it, the upper arm becomes a problem in nearly everyone as the years pass by. Over and over again I have patients come in and say, “I work out sooooo hard and I cannot get my upper arm to tighten up!” Well…exercise tightens muscle, not skin. Just think of the Legacy as exercise for the skin.
This remarkable device ( Venus legacy) is very popular not only because it delivers the results that patients want but also because it is incredibly diverse in the areas that it can treat. Up until Venus Freeze™/Legacy™ made its entrance, no other devices could treat an aging elbow or a knee! Other than the popular demands like the hips and abdominal areas, the upper inner arms are successfully treated as well not just for sagginess but for circumferential reduction.