The combination between multipolar radiofrequency, electromagnetic field and vacuum beat provides the best results against the cellulite and the skin’s lack of tonus.

Venus Legacy is the ideal solution to fight against cellulite, blood flow improvement and lymph, shape and tonify the cellulite-affected areas, like hips, the belly, armline and neck. The shape of the device and the surface design that gets in contact with the skin allows the therapeutist to work precisely and selectively on the problematic areas.

A protocol of 6 to 10 sessions, depending on the cellulite level and the aspect of the skin, will lead to extraordinary results! After about 6 treatments we already gain a degree of cellulite decrease, tonus improvement and firmness of the skin.

Venus Legacy:

  • reduces the circumference of the treated areas
  • shapes and tonifies the body
  • gradually diminishes cellulite in the treated areas
  • reunites the impact of four technologies for immediate noticeable results  
  • proceeds efficient and with no inherent risks
  • enriches skin texture even from the first sessions
  • improves blood flow
  • treats skin laxity
  • diminishes stretch marks

What to expect from the Venus Legacy treatment?

The treatment made with the Venus Legacy device is non-invasive and painless. The patients that tried it compared it with a spa massage with hot stones. Depending on the treated areas, the procedure lasts between 15 and 90 minutes. After the first session, you will remark an improvement of the skin structure, and the results start to take shape as the sessions advance.

To whom is the treatment addressed to?

The Venus Legacy treatment is suited for everyone who wishes to reduce cellulite efficiently and painless, and the intense tonifying of the lax skin areas. Venus Legacy solves complex problems of the body, for which sports and a healthy diet can’t provide any solution. Moreover, the procedure becomes a really good choice for the fresh moms that ended their lactation period and wish to come back to the shape before pregnancy.