Examination and treatment of skin disorders

Known as the largest organ of the body, skin is also an active tissue whose vital functions may be impaired equally by external and internal factors.

DermaElite proposes non-invasive treatment options for all cosmetic and medical conditions which may affect your skin

Treatment of your child’s skin diseases

DermaElite clinic offers you state-of-the-art technology for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of your child’s skin diseases, from infancy all the way to adolescence.

Vitiligo Treatment

DermaElite Clinic provides for its vitiligo patients the Excimer laser, which is a phototherapy system that has yielded the very best results in the repigmentation of vitiligo plaques.

Video dermoscopy

We offer you the first FotoFinder video dermoscopy system in Cluj-Napoca, which is among the first 3 in Romania!

Skin lesions

Whether you are dealing with papillomas or unaesthetic protuberances of any type, we can help you get rid of them without pain, without any loss of blood, and without leaving any traces.

Psoriasis treatment

At DermaElite clinic we offer you the most modern and effective treatment methods. You can benefit from the Excimer laser, which we use to treat targeted psoriasis area, with amazing results in just a few sittings.

Sexually transmitted diseases

The hygiene of sexual life is at least as important as bodily or mental hygiene.