Permanent hair removal

Superior quality permanent hair removal from all body areas is possible thanks to light-based devices. Of all the options present on the international market in this particular field (IPL, diode, Nd:YAG laser, Alexandrite laser), the latter, i.e., the Alexandrite laser, is unanimously believed to be the ”golden standard” for permanent hair removal today.

The most sophisticated laser

DermaElite clinic offers you the most sophisticated and most advanced Alexandrite – GentleMax Pro laser from Syneron-Candela – the only Alexandrite laser on the market that can supply energy at a pulse duration of 3ms.

At DermaElite, permanent hair removal is performed under strict medical supervision.

With the aid of the Alexandrite laser we can effectively treat all hairs, even light-colored or thin ones. The procedure is effective in the case of both women and men. We treat the following:


Excessive hairiness in the areas where hair is normally found: moustache, limbs, back and shoulders, calves, groin, etc. This problem is of genetic rather than medical origin, so that endocrinological tests are useless and hormonal treatment is ineffective.


Heavy growth of hair in areas where hair should normally be absent or in areas where hair is of the vellus type: face, nipples, and abdomen. The cause may be ovarian hormonal or suprarenal in origin. In the course of the initial examination, the doctor will establish a correct diagnosis and will recommend complex endocrinological explorations, if necessary.


A frequent and unpleasant problem that very many patients have to deal with. Whether we speak about beard folliculitis beard in the case of men or folliculitis in other areas (calves, groin, etc.), permanent hair removal is the only way to solve this problem. It is amazing how, in most cases, folliculitis improves or even disappears after just 1-2 permanent hair removal sittings.

How does it work?

The Alexandrite laser has a wavelength of 755nm. This is very pigment-specific, targeting the melanin located in the hair follicles, which are increasingly affected in the course of the sittings, until they are completely destroyed.

Is the result permanent?

Usually, patients benefit from the permanent reduction of hairs, if the right device is used at the right parameters under the correct protocol. The best and fastest results are obtained in the case of the patients who have fair skin and black hairs. The Candela GentleMax Pro device is FDA-approved as a permanent method for the removal of unwanted hair. This, combined with the experience of our qualified staff provided by DermaElite, guarantees the best results.

How many sittings do you need?

This depends on both the characteristics of your skin and hair, and the bodily area that we are treating. It is estimated that 20-30% of all hairs are, at a certain point, in the process of growing, and of these, about 40% are destroyed in the course of a single sitting. The number of treatments required is estimated to be between 4 and 10.

What is the difference between the Alexandrite Laser, IPL, and the Nd:YAG laser?

It is believed worldwide that the Alexandrite Laser, with its wavelength of 755nm, offers the best results in terms of permanent hair removal.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) devices produce light, but they are not LASERS (although they are often sold as such). They have a very low specificity for hairs, which they only make thinner and lighter in color, and are only capable of permanently destroying a small percentage of them.

Nd:YAG Lasers are vascular lasers par excellence, and are much less effective in permanent hair removal as compared to their other applications. They have a greater wavelength, which ensures their capability to penetrate deeper into the skin than other lasers. Ideally, they should be used in permanent hair removal only after the treatment has been concluded, to remove those few hairs situated at a deeper level, after the Alexandrite laser has destroyed 90% of the other hairs or in the case of patients who have very dark skin, in whose case the Alexandrite laser is contraindicated. Although frequently used in permanent hair removal, Nd:YAG Lasers are in fact not a solution, mainly because their low effectiveness and the great pain they cause during the procedure.

What specifications make Candela GentleMax Pro the ideal solution for you?

The wavelength of 755nm, which is the golden standard in permanent hair removal.

The spot dimensions – between 12-22mm, which is the largest spot on an Alexandrite laser, capable of ensuring the fastest and most comfortable treatment. Also, a larger spot means greater penetrability, so that even the deepest hairs are destroyed.

Fluence – with a power of up to 30j/cm2, combined with a greater depth to which it is able to penetrate thanks to the optimal size of the spot (22mm), it provides sufficient energy not only in order to reach the deepest hairs, but also in order to permanently destroy them.

Pulse duration – the only Alexandrite laser in the world with a pulse duration of just 3ms (provides a maximum level of energy in a very short time span).

DCD – is an innovative system, patented by Candela, a cryogenic spray whose purpose is to cool the skin during the sitting, so that permanent hair removal has never been more comfortable.

Who should undergo laser hair removal treatments?

To date, there is no clear legislation in this respect, so that the procedure is performed by doctors, nurses, kinesiotherapists, and aestheticians alike. But because post-treatment complications may sometimes arise, such as burns, scars, or coloration dysfunctions, we believe that only dermatologists should perform or supervise the permanent hair removal procedures. By using the right technology and parameters, we ensure that you enjoy the best results.

At DermaElite, as part of the initial examination, the dermatology specialist doctor will offer you all the information about permanent hair removal, will teach you how to prepare between meetings, will check to see if you there are any contraindications in your particular case, and will carry out a test on a 5cm2 area, with one or more energies, in order to be able to choose the right one. In the sittings proper, the same dermatologist will set the parameters and will assist in the 5-10 minute procedure, while the rest of the procedures will be completed by a specialized assistant who has been specially trained to use this laser.