Remodeling & skin-rejuvenating

If sports and diet no longer work, it’s time to resort to treatments that can shape the waist completely, respectively Venus Legacy, based on radio frequency, and Cooltech cryptolysis, a localized weight-losing method through freezing. Both procedures have a non invasive character, are painless and don’t require recovery time.

Localized weight loss

CoolTech is a non-invasive and painless treatment that uses a performant cryogenic technology to eliminate extra fat definitively.

Skin laxity

Venus Legacy works on all body parts from the face, to the belly and thighs, to lift and firm saggy skin.

Knee redefining

We use a technology known for his role as skin toning, a noninvasive and painless solution to reshape the knees.


The combination between multipolar radiofrequency, electromagnetic field and vacuum beat provides the best results against the cellulite and the skin’s lack of tonus.

Arms laxity

For shaping body areas affected by laxity we use Venus Legacy, a treatment based radiofrequency.

Double Chin Treatment

A revolutionary medical-grade treatment is now available for the treatment of Double-Chin and Neck skin laxity / Neck grooves.